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Selected Projecs 

Pour Your Body Out (2023) 

Nyoronyoro-barabara-pichapicha Machines, Tama Art University, Tokyo, JP (2021)

The Landfall - Standpoint Gallery, London, UK (2023)

The Landfall - Kuma Gallery, Tokyo,jp (2023)

Imaginary Land, Twin Membranes, GalleryXY Olomouc, CZ(2023)

An unstable mouth, an ear wandering, a hole,  (2019)

Hands and Whispers, Yellow Pen Club, Seoul, SK(2023)

The evaporated body is here and there. A singing voice coming from beneath the soil, even  ,ANB Tokyo, JP(2022)

Interassembridges - Nodal Relay, ACUD Gallery, Berlin, DE (2022)

Nyoronyoro-barabara-pichapicha Machines, BankArt Yokohama, Yokohama, JP (2022)

i+med(i/e)a  - issue01 Beyond Felmale Gaze, feminist qritique of all representation and things (2021)

My Soul Becoming heavier and heavior every day , SET Woolwich, London, UK(2022)

Patapata-yurayura machines ,339 Hornsey Road, UK (2022)

Room , 100 Banch, Tokyo, JP (2021)

Ikkasei - vol.1 (2019)

Organs- a silence , (2020)

Brain F*ck! (2020)

Curatorial Works

Interassembridges - Nodal Relay, ACUD Gallery, Berlin, DE (2022)


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