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issue01 Beyond Female Gaze

official website: imediea.net

The magazine i+med(i/e)a is a journal that specializes in feminist critique of all things representation, culture, and media, covering a wide range of topics from the Classics to the New Media.


The magazine, i+med(i/e)a, is a project that came to existence when its two editors, who each studied feminist theory, reflected upon the countless endeavor of the feminists both past and present who have provided us with the strength to live and who, through their writings, have become an integral part of our lives and selves. Just as many of these women—— these (i)s——have brought us a free space to contemplate in, we too have aspired to create such a space in which we can dance and live with the countless yet unseen (i)s. i+med(i/e)a is a place for us to engage in feminist criticism without hesitation and to welcome back the once-lost representations of those (i)s from the age of papyrus to the future of New Media.

The very first issue of i+med(i/e)a tackles female gaze and the terrain that lies beyond it from a variety of perspectives. This issue’s title, “Beyond Female Gaze”, carries two important meanings. The first is to read the female gaze through such lenses as intersectional feminism, queer theory, and post-colonialism in order to explore its prospects from the limitation of “white feminism”. The second is to take a more drastic approach and reconsider critically the contours of the female gaze itself from outside by placing it in broader contexts such as an-ti-ocularcentrism and (re)evaluation of multisensoriality.


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