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Brain F*ck!


Brain F*ck is based on the idea of “medium-specific concept” which questions whether “things”, be it creature or non-creature, are born with a concept. When an electroencephalogram (EEG) senses an act of memory, the legs begin to swell and the processes of digestion and absorption of the human brain is projected on the head of the jellyfish-ish creature. Human beings, by giving a name to a “thing”, have unconsciously tied a “thing” to its purposes. A chair is recognized as a chair because it is for seating, and a car is recognized as a car because it carries people.
However, chairs and cars themselves are essentially products of complicated molding made from various mixed media, and perhaps the objects themselves can be seen from different perspectives; they might have been born with a “concept” different from what humans expect. The electroencephalogram, which has turned into an insane creature bites and absorbs information from a human brain, proposes to us that a thing can have a different concept.



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