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Ikkasei - vol.1
2018 (~2020)


Maya Masuda, Yaka Sai, Karen Ishida, Saki Miyasato
Ideation and Hardware

In the paragraph in “The comparable sociology of Time”, Yosuke Maki argues that the idea of time in Helenizm is circular, whereas time in Hebraism was linear and had a certain ending point. Maki states that as its background, there was severe life in the desert area and persecution of Judish, and points out that the fact they had an ending point through “The last judgment” was regarded as salvation in the Christian perspective. The linear idea of time was accepted widely in the western world later on, therefore it was widely adopted in the area where Westcentirism is prevailing.
On the other hand, though analog clock is used all over the world, as it has a sundial as it’s origin, it still possesses a shape that strengthens the circular aspect (Helenistic aspect ) of time. Focusing on this contradiction, I attempt to proliferate the moment of salvation in daily measure by recreating the clock into a temporal being. The clock made of blue glass would break into pieces in exactly one minute, and would never be fixed again.


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