created in cooperation with Yuka Sai, Karen Ishida
Whole direction / Hardware
Selected to 100Banch program, June, 2019

exhibited at
100Banch, 2019 / Tama University of the Arts, 2019

The exhibition begins with three videos located in the entrance. The three videos recorded with a relatively abstract touch delineate how those fictional machines in the installation interact with human beings. Then, the observers are expected to walk around the room, combining narratives from actual machine sculptures and maps, and the reminiscents of human life inside the room.
“What is a human being?” “Is it possible that we are properly detached as an individual, or properly integrated into the community?” “What is there, on the border surface between oneself and others?” Evoking those questions in the work, we further speculate alternative possibilities toward individualized humanism seen in Thatcherism and Protestantism in the 20th century.

「人間とは何か?」「私たちは真に個人として切り離されていたり、もしくは真に共同体の中にいるということができるのか?」「私と他者との境界面にあるものは何か?」_______ 作品中ではこのような問いが展開されることで、サッチャリズムやプロテスタンティズムに見られる個の思想について、別の可能性を探ることを試みている.

Materials: Mixed media
Form: Installation
Size: Variable

photo by Mizuki Ono