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yurayura-machine (~2021/Tokyo)

“Patapata-Yurayura-  machines” is a site-specific work, which explores the idea of “machines with care” formed between the environment, local community and human hands.

After the advent of capitalism, the “machines” which were once unstable, improvised, and often transitory turned into stable, perfected, isolated entities.  Their circuits and hard exterior became more closed so that the users wouldn't touch, and uniform plastic covers were adopted suitable for mass production.  Stability, eternity, closedness- considering those patriarchic features expected in machines overlaps with the desire of human beings that created them, the artist aims to open a small crack to both by finding the alternative in the representation of machines.

During the process of making “      ”, the artist collected various materials (eg. branches, soil, city waste such as a broken piece of wall and clothes) walking around the city. By adopting city ruins and local organic material inside the machines, she attempts to embrace the practice of "repair" into the world-making.  Also, as the work have organic substances inside the circuit, the work adopts the process of oxidation and corrosion inside the machine.  Hereby, the work is put under the change of local climate, such as humidity and temperature, which leads the machine to be fluid, unstable, and constantly responding to the outer environment.

By exploring a fragile machine that corresponds with the environment and the community, she further speculate new possibilities of machines which coexist with the concept of care.


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